Welcome to Cairns over 35s social soccer

Welcome to the 2016 season. Start Date is 24th February 2016

Happy New Year to everyone who enjoys playing football at the over 35's and now the established over 45's League.

In 2015 we trialled the over 45 league and I think it is fair to say most over 45's enjoy the separation, those over 45 who still wish to play a bit more competitively made thier move back to the over 35 teams.

The Moody Blues deserve a (small) mention, as they not only made the over 35 Grand Final for the first time in a long time! but they more importantly hosted 2 over 35 and over 45 Carnivals in 2015. These carnivals are fantastic for the bonding of teams and are a  great weekend of masters football. If you are interested further in carnivals please contact one of the Moody Blues players.

The Bavarians and J Team also deserve mentions as the J.Team won the premiere league title for, as many years as I can remember and the Bavarians won the Grand Final for the second year running.

Stratford Dolphins FC have again invited us to play at their facilities and i thank them for their warm hospitality to the club. It is an incredible privellege for us to have such a central location and great hosts. We can thank them every week by respecting their facilities, having a drink after the game and supporting the club throughout the year

There are a couple of establised rules to consider!

Over 35's

In addition to existing rules.

1. Each team can have up to 4 players on the pitch at anytime aged between 30-34 years Old.
2. Any person who is sent off for fighting with another player will receive an automatic 2 week ban. If any player commits the same offence twice, they will be asked to leave the competition.
3. Any team that has a player sent off will no longer be allowed to replace that player with a substitute.
4. If your team believes the opposition is playing an under age player, unregistered player or a player from another team that should not be playing, it is up to your team captain to bring this to the referees attention at the beginning of the game and decide if you wish to play for points or claim the points.
5. No slide tackles or excessive physical play. Excessive physical play will be determined by the referee.
6. If your team has 11 players you can not use a player from another team.
7. Registration must be paid before you can play. A discounted Registration fee of $50.00 is being offered  for this season. However, it is only available if you pay your registration fee on your first playing night.
8. Unregistered players can not play.

Theses rules are designed for some clarity following some questions from last year and are all agreed  too by your team captains. If you wish to raise any issues or have any ideas, please don't hesitate to let your team captain or Derek know.

Over 45's Rules.

1. Each team can have up to 2 players on the pitch at anytime aged between 40-44
2. Rules 2 to 8 are as per the over 35's rules.

There is also capacity for 1 new team,  so if you would like to start a new team please let me know.
I hope everyone has a great season and enjoys the new format.

Games this week

Show the Draw

Week Game Day Date Time Team 1   Team 2
47 1 WED NOV 29 6.20pm Saints vs Reds
47 2 WED NOV 29 7.30pm Moody Blues vs JGFA
47 3 WED NOV 29 8.30pm J-Team vs Bavarians
47 1 WED NOV 29 6.20pm Cleos vs Rangers
47 2 WED NOV 29 7.30pm Mareeba vs Cairns City
47 3 WED NOV 29 7.30pm Old Endeavours vs Rovers
47 4 WED NOV 29 8.30pm Victory Boys vs Moody Blues 45